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Universum peut être trouvé dans les catégories Abstrait, Moderne y Peinture.
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Gena painter is born in 1982. He spent his childhood in Russia. After high school, Gena went to St. Petersburg . During four years he followed a private training and he learned the artistic tricks of the trade. Since then, Gena has developed his own and identical style.Gena moved to the Netherlands in 1999. In the Netherlands the works of Gena were quickly detected. Several exhibitions showed that the works of Gena always receive attention. Undoubtedly you will also experience the fascinating work of Gena.
Since his childhood Gena has always been creative. As a child, he could spend hours with many types of materials and colors to create beautiful works of art. Ultimately, painting proved to be second nature of Gena. By painting Gena can express his feelings and show how he stays in life. His paintings are mostly modern with abstract shapes. Gena seeks to create an alternative reality, which has a deeper meaning for him. All his energy, emotion, imagination and dreams are reflected in his works.Painting is an important part of Gena?s life.

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Pourquoi choisir Universum sur toile

  • J'ai maintenant reçu la troisième œuvre de OhMyPrints. Avec des intervalles de plusieurs années, il est toujours de qualité supérieure !
  • Qualité d'impression giclée fine
  • Des impressions aux couleurs vives et nettes
  • Usiné sur du bois durable et approuvé

Universum sur Gena Theheartofart

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Code de l'oeuvre: 216 059
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