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- Code de l'oeuvre: 129 079

Wildfotografie NL à propos de Frishling

Wildzwijnbig, ook wel frishling, van 6 weken oud. Door het streepjespatroon in de vacht ook wel liefkozend "pyamaatjes" genoemd
Wildfotografie NL photo de profil

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Maarten van der Belt, born and raised in Geertruidenberg. A small town in the south of the Netherlands, literally in the shadow of powerplant the ?Amercentrale? and near national park ?De Biesbosch?. As son of a small game hunter I was brought up with all the aspects of hunting, nature and wildlifeTo go out hunting with my dad was what I was looking forward to the whole week as a 6 or 7 year old boy. At school I was more interested in was going on outside, then what the teacher had to say. There were always some rabbits and woodpigeons on the lawn. My schoolwork was never done and I had to stay after schoolhours regularly. All this to great frustration of the teacher, I?m sure. When I got out of school I went to the countryside as fast as I could to play out there.When it was raining and I had to stay inside, I spent many hours looking in wildlife and huntingbooks. Especially the photographs in the huntingmagazines and catalogs spoke to my emagination. Over and over again I flipped the pages, a roebuck in a grainfield, a rutting red deer, a wild boar rooting in the ground, a mallard duck taking off out of the water? I loved it. However, it took many years before I got the idea to shoot photographs of the wildlife myself. Initially I wanted images of roedeer. I found out real quick that it was a lot harder than I expected. You just don?t go out into the countryside and come back with stunning roedeer images. Knowledge is very important.So I took the books in which I often lo

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Pourquoi choisir Frishling sur toile

  • J'ai maintenant reçu la troisième œuvre de OhMyPrints. Avec des intervalles de plusieurs années, il est toujours de qualité supérieure !
  • Qualité d'impression giclée fine
  • Des impressions aux couleurs vives et nettes
  • Usiné sur du bois durable et approuvé


Achetez cette photo Frishling sur sur Wildfotografie NL sur toile, aluminium, Art Frame ou photographie (encadrée), impression d'art en haute qualité et tout format.

Code de l'oeuvre: 129 079

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