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Skutsjes im Kampf um die Meisterschaft

- Code de l'oeuvre: 158 926

Jan Brons à propos de Skutsjes im Kampf um die Meisterschaft

Skutsjes im Kampf um die Meisterschaft

Drei Skutsjes während einer Regatta. Starker Wind und dunkles, schlechtes Wetter.
Traditionelle Segelregatta in Friesland (NL) mit 14 Skûtsjes.
Die Segelschiffe sind durchschnittlich 100 Jahre alt.
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Cette œuvre est offerte par Jan Brons

About me ? Who am I? My name is Jan Brons. My main focus is photography and 3D images.Besides nature and landscape I love architecture and abstract photography.I have a broad range of interests as this reflects in my 3D images that is moving more to object and product design. Since years I have been doing stock photography but I always have had a strong urge to branch out to different styles. At a young age, I became fascinated by paintings, drawings and 3D art and especially by photography. I have always been busy with photography but because lack of time in the past I did not invest enough in this wonderful hobby. Years ago I picked up my passion again. At age 17 I bought my first SLR, a Praktica. After a number of Praktica?s I bought my first Canon camera, an EOS 100. I still have this camera. After the Canon digital cameras hit the market, I first purchased the EOS 350D and now, since awhile, I switched to the EOS 40D. I also have the appropriate lenses in my possession but there is still much on my wish list.

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  • J'ai maintenant reçu la troisième œuvre de OhMyPrints. Avec des intervalles de plusieurs années, il est toujours de qualité supérieure !
  • Qualité d'impression giclée fine
  • Des impressions aux couleurs vives et nettes
  • Usiné sur du bois durable et approuvé

Skutsjes im Kampf um die Meisterschaft

Achetez cette photo Skutsjes im Kampf um die Meisterschaft sur sur Jan Brons sur toile, aluminium, Art Frame ou photographie (encadrée), impression d'art en haute qualité et tout format.

Code de l'oeuvre: 158 926
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